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Researcher, Trainer & Speaker

An Autistic Perspective

About me

I'm a Doctoral Researcher studying for my PhD with the Autism Centre for Education and Research (ACER) at the University of Birmingham.  My PhD is exploring Autistic women and birthing people’s experiences of maternity services and maternity staff understanding and experience of supporting Autistic people.  


I am Autistic, with other Autistic family members.  I work as an Autism trainer and specialist Autism mentor and am committed to learning more about Autistic people’s experiences to help improve services.  I have developed and delivered training for social workers, teachers and NHS staff. I also work for an Autism charity, leading a discussion group for Autistic women and another for Autistic parents.

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I am an Autistic Autism researcher, find out more here.


I write and deliver training for audiences such as NHS, education, social workers and the private sector.


I speak at events and conferences to professionals, Autistic people and their families.

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